The CEO’s Message to Somerset Supporters

The financial impact of COVID-19 is hitting county cricket hard and while Somerset are in a better place than most the consequences are still severe

Last evening’s Zoom by CEO Gordon Hollins revealed the issues facing the club as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A loss of revenue of £1m has been forecast and despite the players and staff taking substantial salary cuts and a host of other cost savings being taken the club needs to address this.

The positive news is that in Hollins’ opinion Somerset CCC are in a far better place that the rest of the county clubs. Both the larger clubs based at test match grounds and at the other end of the scale the smaller counties who were already in financial difficulty will have been far more severely impacted that our county.

The club will be posting a link to the recording of last night’s hour-long session on the site later today and I’ll post it here also but in the meantime “my stream of consciousness” during the call last night is here on the new SomersetNorth discussion forum.

Also, the club has an FAQ page which they have promised to update over the next few days post last evenings call. And finally, if you have a specificities question the club can be contacted on [email protected]