Maybe This Year?

The two-year-old Somerset North is no longer the place where it is just a little self-indulgence for a Somerset supporter who misses his cricket-mad Dad terribly. It is a site for every Somerset supporter and for that I'd like to thank each and every one of you, without who it would not have been possible.

I never in my wildest dreams thought when I started my own blog about Somerset cricket two years ago that it would have grown so much in so short a time especially when you add in the fact that we had such a truncated season last season.

I started writing to myself about my beloved cricket team back in 2015 when my beloved Dad left us. He left many huge holes in my life but one of the biggest was the absence of the conversations he and I used to have at the end of most days of the season. I am deeply moved that those conversations have developed into something that is widely read and enjoyed by so many Somerset fans, it means so much to me and importantly keeps my memories of Dad alive every single day.

There are so many people I need to say thank you to, too many in fact, so to everyone who has read commented or shared any of the blog’s posts thank you, I really do appreciate it. To the contributors and guest writers your input is greatly received and appreciated. To Somerset CCC media and press team who have, despite the huge demands on their time, assisted me whenever they could, I am very lucky to support and write about a club that has such great people who care so much about it. 

And finally, to my long-suffering wife who encouraged me to start the site that memorable warm summer evening two years ago and has continued to encourage me ever since.

To celebrate the site’s second birthday I have treated it to a big upgrade. Some of the changes will be immediately obvious others under the skin improvements to make the user experience better. The biggest changes should see a much easier to read and navigate site for those of you who access the site on your mobiles. I’ve also upgraded the Forum significantly and improved the integration between it and the main site.

I will be trying to provide links in the blogs to the relevant parts of the Forum but it is really there for all of you to use, and the more you do and share it with others the more we will all get from it. To launch the new version of the Forum I’ve added a new discussion asking for your views on what is a reasonable expectation for this young Somerset side in the One-Day Cup.

I hope you like the changes. Please feel free to let me have your thoughts you can email me using the contact me link at the foot of every page of the site. 

There are a few more tweaks coming so please keep checking back in over the next few days.

And finally, if you have any suggestions for future items, ideas for new features, photos you are happy for me to use or wish to become a guest writer please don’t even hesitate to get in touch. 

So a final thank you to every one of you for what you have done to enable the site to grow. Here’s to the next year in the life of all Somerset fans …. Maybe this year?