It’s Been Too Long

It's my birthday tomorrow - and I'm giving SomersetNorth a present as well!

I’ve disappointed myself. Just sheer laziness on my part that Somerset North has been neglected for a while. It’s not through lack of writing, far from it, just a failure on my part to post all of my writing to the blog.

So with it being my birthday tomorrow I’m going to give Somerset North a present and post, over the next couple of days some of my favourite pieces that have been posted on The Incider but haven’t made it to Somerset North.

I also make a promise to upload some more of my photography, there has been a load over the last couple of months and write a bit more widely.

But at the moment it’s all Somerset County Cricket Club and the quest (and I use that word advisedly) for that elusive first ……. (no I’m not going to say it)!

To start off today I’m going to write something about “Somerset state of mind”. Enjoy