A City Getting Ready for a Champions League Final

16th May 2018

11 Days to a Champions League Final and Liverpool (or at least the Red half) is gearing up for Kyiv. Flags and banners are appearing outside houses, offices and on cars. There is a lovely feel in this wonderful city.

I took a stroll yesterday lunchtime along Breck Road (a few hundred yards from Anfield) and spotted this pop-up shop.

Breck Road, Liverpool. May 15th 2018

Liverpool is a city that is defined by its football clubs, a city that needs success on the pitch to feed it. The last two seasons have seen Liverpool heading back to its rightful place in European football and that is evident across the city. It is such a shame that The Blues are so lacklustre at the moment. The rivalry is a bit tame at present on both sides. It could be argued that Tranmere deserve more of the limelight than Everton after their play-off final win at the weekend took them back into the Football League.
It will be interesting to see once the Champions League Final is over and the World Cup upon us if there is anywhere near the same level of engagement with the England team, I suspect not.

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