The Least Favoured Best Team Ever?

The nearest my baseball cap collection gets to the World Series line up is this Brooklyn Dodgers cap

The Boston Red Sox have reached the World Series and I can honestly say I’ve not enjoyed saying that as much since 2004 – but that’s a long story for another day.
At the start of the 2018 post-season Boston was one of 8 teams vying for the World Series title and who, by virtue of their record had the advantage of playing the key games of each round at home. But despite this, a poll among baseball writers rated the Red Sox seventh out of the eight teams left.

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Baseball for The Cricket Fan

Let’s face it the first couple of weeks of October are torture for all cricket fans. The memories of the season just ended are still close enough to be fresh and for us to realise what we are missing while the new season is so far distant as to be practically invisible.

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