Please Explain, Times Two

The County Ground in Bristol has never been a thing of beauty. On a day like today it is even less attractive. Such a shame both for a Somerset side desperate to avenge last month's defeat and the loyal hardy spectators who were finally allowed in to watch

Gloucestershire v Somerset, County Championship Group 2, Bristol, May 20th to 23rd  2021, Day One, Somerset 45-1

Can someone please help me. I need an explanation why the floodlights at Bristol are “not in use” for this game? I don’t profess any knowledge of the County Championship’s playing conditions so am just asking the question. My Dad, who possessed an enmity toward all things Gloucestershire that far exceeds mine, would be saying that it is a not-so-cunning plan to ensure that the chances of Somerset getting a win over the next four days even more reduced.

I am not saying that there would have been that much more play given the rainfall but there were a couple of delays which could have been avoided. I am sure there is an explanation to do with the number of times they are allowed to use the lights in a year but it seems odd that you spend all that money getting them installed and then can’t sue them. Can you imagine a midweek FA Cup Merseyside derby kicking off at 2pm in January because the floodlights at Goodison couldn’t be used? No, neither can I. So please let me know if you have heard an explanation.

And while we are at it can anyone explain what was going through Tom Lammonby’s mind in the second over of the day? I am starting to worry about him now. I’d always felt that his character would see him through this difficult spell early in his career but running himself out as he did indicates to me that the lack of runs is really getting to him.

I appreciate and admire the positivity he wanted to show but there is positivity and there is recklessness and this was the latter.

The felony was compounded by the circumstances. Having been put in on a green surface in overhead conditions massively favouring the bowler the only approach was to occupy the crease, hope there wasn’t a ball with your name on it and tough it out. Runs in the first session were almost irrelevant, the objective was to lose as few wickets as possible.

Lammonby’s dismissal allowed Anthony Gibson to comment, yet again, that Tom Abell might as well have been opening, arriving as he did for the ninth ball of the innings. He certainly batted like a proper opener alongside a really determined Eddie Byrom. The pair only played at what they had too, showed good judgement of what to leave and were quick to take advantage of the bad ball.

When an early lunch was taken after just 20.2 overs the pair were still together on 45-1. Byrom 22 off 70 balls, Abell 19 off 47.  And that was it for the day a token umpires’ inspection in the late afternoon and play was abandoned. They will try again tomorrow but I’m not holding out much hope.

Elsewhere in the group Hampshire have picked up a batting point closing at 223-7 but they are a day ahead of us so only have two days left to force something positive. In the London derby or the battle of the hapless two /surrey appeared to be setting a platform when Stoneman and Burns advanced the total to 135-0 in mid-afternoon before the openers departed in quick succession alongside Pope, Foakes and Smith, all for for ducks off a combined 18 balls and Jordan Clark for 1. They closed early on 146-6, Hashim Amla who had watched the carnage from the other end 6 not out off 27.