SomersetNorth in 2020

Some exciting things have been happening behind the scenes for SomersetNorth, and its new baby brother

Coronavirus is cutting a swathe through the sporting calendar at the moment and having a far more severe impact in the wider world. I have spent the weekend thinking long and hard about whether SomersetNorth should continue at the moment.

I have decided that I am going to continue to write for the site for many reasons. Firstly because I feel we all have a duty to carry on as normally as possible. Secondly, because we all owe it to ourselves to continue to do the things we love. But most of all I thought back to my early days playing club cricket.

I woke on a Saturday morning in early April to be told by my Dad that a much loved great uncle had passed away in the night. My first thought was that I shouldn’t play in my game that day despite it being Taunton Deane v Taunton CC.

My Dad quickly put that thought right reminding me how proud my great uncle had been of my sporting achievements and how annoyed he would be if I didn’t play. Dad, of course, realised that there was nothing I could do and probably wanted to deal with things without my annoying presence.

I did as was suggested and played in the game. I bowled dreadfully, ended up keeping wicket because of injury and then it rained!

But the moral of the story holds good so I will continue with my writing about Somerset cricket.

You will have noticed that it has been a quiet couple of months for the site. Sorry. I had planned to post a piece at least once a week through January and February but my time has been taken up on other things which had to be dealt with.

But it hasn’t been a winter of inactivity. We’ve added a discussion forum which I hope will prove popular and a lot of fun. The site has had a significant “under-the-hood” rework to make it more efficient and responsive.

But the most significant change has been in the site content. SomersetNorth will be exclusively for and about Somerset Cricket. I’ve been lucky enough to talk to many of the great and the good in cricket writing and broadcasting over the winter and received some great help and advice.

As a result, I’ve launched a second site AcrossTheLine. This site will be for all the writing I do which is not Somerset Cricket related. I hope readers of SomersetNorth will appreciate that this site is dedicated to their county without any of the distractions of other cricket, baseball, photography and all the other stuff that that got in their way last year.

I had planned to do the 2019 month by month season review in the last two weeks of March and my season preview in the first week of April. These will be coming, don’t worry, but the timings will change and the content differ slightly to fill the period while we wait for the live cricket to start.

Please let me have your comments.