The BBC Somerset Cricket Show

30th September 2019

Thursday was always going to be emotional for all Somerset fans. The end of the season always is. A firstever county championship title or a fifth runners up spot this decade heightened that emotion.

I had been asked by Charlie Taylor to give a fan’s view immediately after the game and given that Somerset cricket means so much to me I knew there were going to be some “lump in the throat” moments, I suspected it was going to be emotional, it turned out to be exactly that.

We did the piece just after Essex had lifted the championship trophy. Charlie was, as you would expect, the consummate professional as we talked through the day, the game, the season, looked ahead and gloried in being Somerset supporters.

The only difficult point was when Charlie mentioned my Dad. Don’t get me wrong I am glad he did and I know Dad would have been chuffed to get a mention, but an emotional golf ball lodged in my throat as I tried to answer. For the record what I said was absolutely true, what I decided it was unwise to say on air was that Dad would have been convinced, as he was in 2010, that the umpires and the ECB conspired to deprive Somerset of another title!

If you have never listed to Charlie’s Cricket show – why not? It is a must for all Somerset supporters but more than that it is a must for all cricket fans as the show regularly covers cricket in the county in a much wider sense. You can listen to the past shows on your usual podcast provider – just search “BBC Somerset Cricket Show Extras” or go to this link.

I understand that there will be a monthly show through the off season. You never know I might get invited back on again!

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