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3rd October 2018

There has been a lot of debate in our house over the last couple of weeks about whether we will get to see more than the three “advertised” giants in Liverpool this weekend. 

At present we know that the Uncle will appear on New Brighton Beach on Friday morning and the Little Boy Giant will be sleeping in St George’s Hall tomorrow afternoon. We also know that Xolo, who was remember left behind in 2014 when Grandma and the Little girl sailed away from Canning Dock, will meet up with the Little Boy on Friday morning.

But I’ve been advocating that, as this is the last ever Giant Spectacular, we will have some big surprises over the weekend. And today’s event’s lead me to think that I am right.

The release of a telegram this morning told us that a giant sandal has appeared in Canning Dock, apparently caught in a fishing net and returned to Liverpool. 

A giant sandal has appeared over Canning Dock overnight

Speculation has intensified with the start of Giant Spectacle only 2 days away and Royal De Luxe promising this is the first of many surprises. 

My theory is that this is the Little Girl Giant’s father’s sandal, recovered from the seabed by her uncle (who remember first appeared as a deep sea diver) and brought back by him to where he last saw her.

If I’m right then this surely increases the chances of the Little Girl Giant reappearing over the weekend. Her letter, released at the weekend, said that she is at the North Pole and has sent her brother to Liverpool as she says it is impossible for her to join us. But this is Jean-Luc, for who nothing it seems is impossible.

For those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to see the Giants first hand I’ve pulled together some of my favourite images from 2014 on FullSlidePhotography . I will also be posting images starting tomorrow evening when the Little Boy Giant will be sleeping in St George’s Hall.

Watch this space……..

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