It's Tomorrow!!

So the day has nearly arrived. Tomorrow my nascent resurrection as a runner after a very long hiatus has its first test. The Run for the 96 in Stanley Park tomorrow morning.The good news is that my training has gone very well, and while my pace hasn’t been pulling up any trees I’ve been able to run the distance at a comfortable pace several times over the last few weeks.
But then my troublesome left knee decided to object. On Monday, and in the most ridiculous of ways it collapsed on me while putting together a new barbeque! Two days of hobbling followed but slowly it has improved this week. I was able to do a gentle bike session in the gym on Wednesday evening and do an equally gentle jog last evening, both with no reaction. Praise be to sports tape which seems to do an excellent job of holding my knee together at times like this.
So, with far more trepidation than I was anticipating, I am going to give it a go tomorrow morning. My ambitions are limited but if I can get round without stopping and at better than snails place.
Wish me luck.