Beware being in one of my fantasy teams

I am seriously thinking about giving up playing fantasy football and cricket. judging by the injuries suffered by my players in the last week.

Within the space of three days Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ed Byrom, Toby Roland-Jones and Sam Northeast have all suffered significant injuries. In the case of Alex and Toby they are season-ending and affect their international summers, which is not ideal.
If you add in Jamie Overton and Emre Can it’s a pretty grim picture.
Thank goodness I don’t play fantasy baseball, Mookie Betts, Justin Verlander, Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw would all be suffering if I did. Thinking about it perhaps it’s beyond players I pick in my fantasy teams. I pick players I root for and look at my current favourite pitcher, San Francisco’s Madison Bumgarner, he missed pretty much all of last season after a quad bike accident and is currently out until early June!
Perhaps I should pick Mancs, GBlanks and Yankees?